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EngiGyan provides you the opportunity to reach a global audience for your course that you start with your passion & knowledge. you as an expert in your related field. Whether you are an IT professional, Design & Manufacturing engineers, Business professional trainer or another trainer, you can create a course that can teach people how to do things.

You can charge for the courses or offer them for free. This, in turn, will drive traffic to your site by people that are ready to buy your products and services.

EngiGyan is also an outlet that gives you free marketing and promotion. By creating a course on EngiGyan portal, you have a potential audience of millions of people.

These are visitors that want to engage, so their participation rate will be much higher than other e-commerce sites. And for users that take your course, you can build your list of subscribers with their name and email addresses, which can be used for future used.

Only Professional who could deliver a consistent student experience, EngiGyan courses must meet minimum standards for approval. The Quality Review Team will help you get your course approved when you submit your course for review. We reserve the right to re-review courses if instructors violate these standards at any point.

Since EngiGyan is a marketplace for educational content, your course material should be designed with student learning in mind.

The course material is the actual content of the course and includes:

  • Section/lecture titles
  • Videos or other lecture types
  • Resources
  • Quizzes
  • Projects

The course material is meant to help students learn within a safe environment.


  • EngiGyan have good Instructor Revenue Share Model with 50% revenue share on organic engigyan sales where no Instructor Coupon is used. engigyan and the instructor share equally on these sales.
  • EngiGyan provides you technical tool support for course content preparation & lecture record.
  • EngiGyan understands how valuable your content is and are committed to helping you protect it.
  • EngiGyan provides a transparent dashboard to the trainer to track students records, financial & quires on your course.

To Join as an EngiGyan Instructor First You have to SignUp as EngiGyan Trainer in 'Become a trainer' section. You will get a verification call from EngiGyan team Since EngiGyan function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files directly on EngiGyan portal as you verified for the trainer.

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